Best Water sports activities in Ibiza

If you are visiting a place that is surrounded by amazing beaches, then water sports is one of the mandatory activities that you should indulge in. Any adventurous person will really love to indulge in these kinds of things. It can be simple things like taking banana boat rides or extremely adventurous like taking a deep water dive. Each water sport is unique in its own way and can render a great experience. In this article, we will see what the water sports activities that Ibiza can offer.

Scuba diving

Scuba Diving is one of the very first activities that will hit anyone’s mind if we think about water sports. There are a lot of scuba diving instructors in Ibiza. If you are able to spend enough time, you can also learn scuba diving. If you just want to enjoy the activity for the moment, there are also a lot of places for that. Make sure that you choose the PADI 5 star certified services so that you can have a safe and memorable experience. Most of the instructors are capable of speaking English; hence language will not be an issue.


Surfing is definitely a fun-filled activity. But it takes a lot of practice to master it. If you are already experienced, then you do not need to have any second thoughts. You just rent a surfboard and start to ride the waves. But if you are not sure about taking on the big waves, then you have a great alternative for that. There are a lot of surfing lounges where you can have a great time riding the artificial waves. There are a lot of shops that rent out surfing boards and all the necessary gadgets.

Cliff diving

Do not call yourself an adventurous person if you are not doing this. The name would have explained everything. It might look simple and sound simple. But it is the exact opposite of that. It should be done under proper guidance. If not things could go wrong in a huge way.  The instructions will be given by a certified instructor. Make sure to follow things in the exact way. This activity actually takes two days. The first day you will be trained. Only on the second day, you will get into the action.


Kayaking, in general, is very famous and preferred water sport activities. There are a lot of places in Ibiza that offer kayaking. But according to ratings, three places offer the best services. They are San Antonio, Figueretas and Es Figueral. You can just go to the place, rent a kayak and go on a guided Kayaking journey. There is no need to worry about safety because there will be certified professionals who will accompany you. Some kayaking services take you to the caves where you can have one of a kind experience.