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New Item - Greeting Cards

Illustrations of 5 historic buildings in Newfoundland and South Sterling (Newfoundland Creamery, Ella Ehrhardt's Store, Newfoundland Moravian Church, The Lancaster and WSCS Hall) from sketches by Alden Jackson.  Package of 5 cards with envelopes, blank inside, history of building on reverse. $9.43.

One-Room Schools in Greene and Dreher Townships by Diane Smith and Bernadine Lennon. 2011. The stories of our one-room country schools are documented from their beginning in the early 1800s to the closing of the last one-room school in 1932. The book features first-person recollections of many former students and teachers. Descriptions of schools from teacher’s end-or-year reports and information gleaned from county superintendent’s reports and newspaper articles of the day. Nearly 100 historical photographs and illustrations with most students identified in the photographs. Listing of teachers by year with several individual biographies. 110 pages, softcover. $18.87.
Margaret’s Diary, A Pennsylvania Farmwife’s Journal, 1904–1919, 2nd Edition edited by Alden and Sam Jackson and Bernadine Lennon. 2011. The diary of Margaret Gilpin Hazelton details daily life in rural Wayne and Pike Counties between 1904 and 1919. It gives us a rare glimpse into the beginning of a time of great change in America as seen through the eyes of a rural farm wife. Margaret introduces us to her immediate family: husband Fletcher and daughter Kathleen, and to “Mama”, sisters, brothers, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends most of whom lived within a 5-mile radius of her home. An entry for April 25, 1908, states: “cloudy & warm. (Fletcher) plowing corn ground. I have been living over the old scenes, dreaming the old dreams. it beats all how they will stand the test of so many years. I would like to choose one hour from out the years to live over again. some one may see this but they will not be any wiser for it.” We are now able to see through her eyes and discover how she and her family met the challenges of her day. Second edition includes a previously missing section of the diary. 523 pages, softcover. $22.64.
History of Newfoundland, 1830–1870 by Diane Smith. 2011. This history of the settlement of Newfoundland by German immigrants is written for all ages and includes family history activities for children and adults. 25 pages, softcover. $4.72.

Flood! Edited by Peggy Bancroft. 2005. A collection of oral histories from residents who remember the 1955 flood which devastated the Greene-Dreher area. Introduction by Peggy Bancroft. 176 pages, softcover. $14.15.


The Greene Hills of Home

  The Greene Hills of Home CD, Volumes 1 to 29. Archive CD of past issues of The Greene Hills of Home, Volumes    1–29 for $28.30. Those who purchase a CD can purchase updated CDs for $10.

The Greene Hills of Home Single copies of most past issues are available. $4.72.

 Books by Peggy Bancroft 

Peggy Bancroft has generously donated the proceeds from the sale of her books to the Greene-Dreher Historical Society.

Greene Township History 2005. 24 pages, softcover. $4.72
Dreher Township History 2005. 16 pages, softcover. $4.72.
 Into the Wilderness 2004. History of the LaAnna United Methodist Church, 1877–2004. 118 pages, softcover. $9.43.
Distant Days: Adventures in Remembering 2002. Collection of more than 50 articles and essays on varied topics related to local and regional history. 205 pages, softcover. $9.43.
More Distant Days 2002. A collection of additional articles related to local and regional history. 146 pages, softcover. $9.43.
A Cabin in the Clearing 1996. Musings on what life was like “in the long ago time,” inspired by a pink rose brought by an early settler and planted near her cabin in the clearing. With the gentle touch of imagination and remembrance, the author is recreates the thoughts and feelings of the earlier pioneer woman when she and her family build a home along the Wallenpaupack Creek and discover a pink rose flourishing near their own “cabin in the clearing.” 44 pages, softcover. $4.72.
All Roads Lead Home 1995. The story of Newfoundland from the first people who walked the land, the Lenni Lenape, to the earliest European settlers, to significant events of the 1950s and 60s, includes the founding of present-day community organizations. 59 pages, softcover. $9.43.
Of Rabbits, Rain, & Rhode Island Reds by Peggy Bancroft. 1992. A salute to the Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair on its 75th Anniversary. This detailed history traces the growth of the Fair decade by decade from its inception as a community fair in 1917. Photographs highlight exhibits and activities of the week-long annual event known locally as “Fairtime,” as well as the visionaries and planners who made it all happen. 183 pages, hardcover. $14.15.
Tales from Pawdaddy Farm 1992. A collection of stories, legends and tales about our mountain country as told to the author who resides at Pawdaddy Farm, “the perfect springboard for thoughts and dreams and actions…” 239 pages, softcover. $9.43.
Falling Feathers 1991. A study of the Native American presence in the Pocono Mountain region through stories, tales, legends, and historical fact. 151 pages, softcover. $9.43.

reproduction MAPS & PRINTS

"Vintage Images of Greene and Dreher Townships"  Historic postcards from the late 1800s and early 1900s have been reproduced by the Greene-Dreher Historical Society and are available as photographic prints.  The original postcards, many published by L. W. Hensel, were hand-colored and are available on archival paper, either framed or unframed. Contact the historical society for a catalog of prints that are available.

                             6.5" x 10" Unframed $10.00, Framed $20.00

                             24" x 36" Unframed $60.00; Framed $90.00

Maps of Townships in Pike and Wayne Counties have been reproduced from the Atlas of Wayne County, Pennsylvania and the Map of Pike County, published by F.W. Beers in 1872, showing names and locations of residents, businesses, churches, and schools.  Please specify Township. (Sterling Township includes what would become Dreher in 1877.)  Boroughs, Towns and Villages of Wayne County are also available, including Newfoundland, Hawley, Honesdale, Bethany, Damascus, Hamlinton, Hollisterville, Ledgedale, Waymart.  Topographical maps show names and locations of residents, businesses, churches and schools.  They are reproduced in high quality Inkjet print on archival paper.  Maps are available either framed or unframed.  Check table below for sizes and prices.  Please specify the Township, Town or Village on the order form.

Size Unframed Framed
8" x 10" $10.00 $20.00
18" x 24" $35.00 $65.00
24" x 36" $60.00 $90.00

Please specify your choice of maps on the order form.  For more information on maps and prices, please contact Greene-Dreher Historical Society at gths@att.net or 610-865-9286.

Click here to download the order form.